Jeremy Perez-Cruz

Founder & Creative Director

Jeremy Perez-Cruz has spent 20 years building and growing brands that have brought together the physical and digital in ways that have transformed how we define “the real world.”

In his work for some of the world’s largest and most beloved brands, he’s served as VP of Brand at Buzzfeed, Head of Brand Marketing at Uber, Senior Design Manager of Global Beverage at Pepsico and Founder of Etsy’s Global Brand Studio.

Our network of specialists

The teams we build are filled with flexible talent. Not just with the deepest knowledge of their domain, but with big picture perspective to move projects forward and identify inspired opportunities. Beyond our core disciplines, we know and incorporate amazing pros with a wide range of specialized skills. And beyond the team doing hands-on work, we incorporate industry experts at the top of their fields as panels and sounding boards at key moments during the week.

You and your team

You and your team are the most crucial part of the sprint effort. You’re brave, curious, and looking for transformative solutions, but not about to waste a minute on ideas that go nowhere. Your team makes the speed of a sprint happen. With the right people in the room at the right moments, we quickly identify and move past obstacles. We make approvals happen without weeks of back-and-forth. And we make smart use of essential wisdom from across your organization.